Witaj, nieznajomy!

Wygląda na to, że jesteś tutaj nowy. Jeśli chcesz wziąć udział, należy kliknąć jeden z tych przycisków!


  • This crisis did not start with Pope Francis.
  • This crisis will not end with Pope Francis -- and it won't end with you.
  • Many people are just now awakening to the nature of the crisis,
  • Our job is to help guide them.  People just waking up to the distress of this papacy may not yet have realized how they got here.
  • Don't trip up somebody headed your way.
  • Remember, somebody gave you the red pill too. You can't give what you haven't received.
  • You weren't born with infused knowledge of the Syllabus of Errors.
  • Sisyphus says, "Don't make enemies of those generally pushing in the same direction. "
  • Our actual enemies don't care one bit where you are on the Catholic spectrum.
  • Scandal must be exposed, but don't relish in it.  That's what our enemies do.
  • Some sincere Catholics are in crisis and are tempted to break unity in various ways.  Tell them the truth. But be patient with them. Be kind to them.  They didn't make this mess.
  • The liturgy is key to understanding the break and key to the restoration, but many people have known nothing else. Give them time.
  • The Novus Ordo is not good, but some of the Catholics who attend it are.  Better than you, maybe. Priests too.
  • This is going to get worse before it gets better. Souls are the mission.
  • Being right is great.  Being kind is better.  Be both.
  • You know that diocesan priest who learned the TLM and who every Sunday drives an hour each way to say the mass for you? While he doesn't do it for you  specifically, make sure to say thank you anyway.  Over beer is even better.
  • Be grateful for the generations that helped preserve the true faith through this crisis but didn't live to see the triumph of the Church.  You may end up being one of them.
  • Remember to always include hope.  Our Lord sent His Mother to warn us of this crisis, but She also reminded us of our hope in Christ.  This crisis will end.  Her Immaculate Heart will triumph in the end. Hope is key.
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